Giving Back is Fun!

That’s why I like to teach workshops and seminars. I like to encourage people to not only admire and appreciate creativity, but to get their own hands dirty and to create their own ideas.

These are some example workshops that I have done in the last few years. There are also other topics that I teach on, as well as ones I intend on exploring in the future (Creative Prayer, Crafts with Seniors, Summer Camps, Prop Making,…)

"Creativity in the Church"

Creativity is a gift, but what good is it to someone who is not an artist? In this 1-day-workshop I teach about the “use” and importance of creativity, both in secular contexts and in a church context.

"Straw Figures"

In this workshop, we used straw and wire to create our own outdoor-sculptures. We had adults and kids involved, and each of us could make something fun!

If you are interested in hosting a creative workshop, send a message with your name and a brief description of what you have in mind to

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