Works in Progress: The Mural, The Ark, The Dinosaur!

A lot has been happening here in the last several weeks, but now it’s summer vacation time! In other words, time to work some more on stuff you couldn’t do during the semester.

Unfortunately I can’t find the camera, so I’ll post pictures another time. But here’s what I’m doing:

  • Back Yard Mural: Significant progress within the last few days
  • “Ark of the Covenant”-prop: for a summer camp near Heidelberg. PapermachĂ©-coats are on
  • New Children’s Story “When you get yourself a Dinosaur”: If you ever want to get yourself a dinosaur, this book is a good introduction. The story is 378 words long and written for preschoolers. I was able to complete a concept art illustration for this story.



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