Work in Progress: “the Restaurant”

I started to paint a restaurant scene this week, and it is about 60-70% done. I am trying to take my professor’s advice to avoid the over-use of white and to “not over-paint” things. So now the picture is very drastic in its colors and comparatively rough. I will lighten and soften things up a bit, but not too much. Most of the remaining work is in the background.

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I am feeling good about this picture because I’m starting to let go of my tight grip on the paint. You can try to control everything, but then it looks stiff. Once you let go a little, the picture looks more dynamic, even if it’s showing a still scene. The trick is to be able to “let go” purposefully, to be “in control” and yet not to be. I guess it’s just like it is in life: you can’t control everything and yet you can make choices that are “good” or “bad”.

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