Work in Progress: Going deeper

Slowly but surely “Shadow under a Bridge” is coming together. I was encouraged by my professor to try new techniques and that’s what I’ve been doing.
Today I was looking at the picture and decided that it needed more depth. So the hills got a layer of pale blue on top while the mid-ground got more detailed. I made the foreground blurry, because I want the focus to be on the figures. Kind of like a photo. (compare left/right photo)

It takes time to get somewhere, and it’s a lot of work. Sometimes I find myself avoiding the “hard work” to get quicker results.  But then I re-focus again, and I remember that it’s worth it. Where do you find things that are “worth it”? Is there something you feel yourself avoiding? Sometimes you need to question yourself on why you do things, that really can help you focus. I know it helps me.

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