Work in Progress!

My paintings are developing. For the most part I’m happy with them, but sometimes things can go wrong, too: the frame for “Water Power Plant” unfortunately twisted because of the primer. The canvas pulled on the frame and now it’s messed up. I tried to bend
it back but then it broke. I will have to redo the frame and maybe even restring the canvas, but we’ll see about that…

“Devil’s Canyon” is starting to get a sky in and a few more (very rough and faint) outlines for the rocks.

I had an interesting conversation with some classmates of mine yesterday , about the different kind of attitudes in art academies and people.
It apparently is quite common that an art professor doesn’t show up a lot at art schools. Some academies even have so-called “assistant professors” to be there for the students while the “real” professor is only there for a few days a year. And yet they get paid a huge salary! Art academies seem to do this so they can brag about having so-and-so as their professor. But I think it’s just crazy!
Later in the conversation my class mate said that she thought computer scientists and certain other folks were weird. I found this slightly hypocritical, so I asked what she meant. I guess she meant they are “another kind” of weird. Well, that IS true, but I don’t see a problem with that. When she went on to say that only very few “crazy people” start studying art right out of high school, I laughed and said that this is exactly what I did. So she summed it up: I’m crazy, crazy determined. Now that’s a kind of crazy I am proud to be!

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