Week 2: Starting Work! (#Internship)

Week 2: Starting Work! (#Internship)

Monday was a holiday (President’s Day). I learned how to drive my uncle’s pickup truck and also painted a simple little painting for “Home of Hopes”: This ministry builds houses in Baja, Mexico. My uncle teaches painting classes and donates the paintings to the families who get a house. Since these paintings are going to Mexico, I decided to do a Mexican Folk Art type piece, a guitar with the “world” behind it and soundwaves coming out from it.

Tuesday was my first day at work. The first challenge was to scrape the windows on the pickup truck, inside and out (it’s an old car with a bit of a seal problem). But once I got to work, I felt right at home. We got paperwork stuff done in the morning and I met many of my colleagues. The bible class and young adult group were the highlights of the evening. Tuesdays are always going to be the longest workdays. Wednesday and Thursday were more low-key. I visited the youth group and a small group for young women my age. All great groups of people. Some even interested in art!
Also, side note: I got my US-Bank debit card in the mail, took pictures of Mount Rainer and the Cascades, and started work on a recycled art piece. The debit card makes me feel a bit patriotic, the mountains are breathtaking, and the plastic trash I use will hopefully have a better purpose than to be thrown away. Also also, my class poster for the internship is done. I am Captain America and feel proud to be so!

Friday and Saturday were (and are going to be) my days off. My aunt and uncle were out of town for the weekend, so it was just me, my cousin and the two dogs. The dogs were a bit whiny because they were waiting for my aunt and uncle to come home. But anytime I brought out their food, they were happy.

Sunday is the other big day of the week. Our church has 3 services and four different campuses. I was there to help with all of Renton’s campus services, starting at 8 AM and working until 2 PM.

Unfortunately, I am getting a bit of a sore throat. I think that infection and all the new input are making me tired. I am resting a lot. But overall, I am happy to be here and already learning a lot. What new things are you learning these days? I hope you find joy in them and have a great day!

Zusammenfassung: Meine erste Arbeitswoche war voller neuer Eindrücke. Montag war frei, da Präsidententag ein Feiertag ist. Dienstag war der erste und zugleich vollste Tag. Ich musste das Auto innen und außen freikratzen, aber ich kam gut zur Arbeit. Ich hab viele Kollegen kennengelernt und mich gleich wohl gefühlt. Mittwoch und Donnerstag waren dagegen eher entspannt. Ich besuchte die Jugendgruppe und den Singlekreis für junge Frauen. In diese Zeit fielen auch andere Sachen: ich habe ein kleines Gemälde gemalt (Mein Onkel veranstaltet Malkurse, wo wir Bilder für Familien in Mexiko malen. Dort werden Häuser gebaut und die Bilder sind ein persönliches Geschenk zur Einweihung), eine Bankkarte für mein US-Konto erhalten und ein Kunstwerk aus recycletem Plastik angefangen. Freitag und Samstag hatte ich frei, Sonntag war dann Gottesdienst, bzw. 3 Gottesdienste: von 8 bis 14 Uhr war volles Programm. Am Ende der Woche kann ich sagen, dass ich müde bin, leider auch mit etwas Halsschmerzen, aber glücklich. Ich lerne viel Neues und freue mich, hier zu sein.

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