We have a new Dog!

Yesterday we picked up our new dog “Lucy”. We had to drive to the eastern part of the Czech-Republic, 3h away from Prague, to a tiny village.

When we drove up to the house, the breeder was outside waiting for us with her. Lucy is already twice as big as Mickey ever was, and she’s only 4 months old! She’s very social, smart and calm in temper. We went inside to finish up some final paperwork and to meet the mom and brother dog. Her mom “Dora” is amazingly well behaved, so much so that has a trophy shelf. And her brother “Asterix” is really adorable. We stayed for about a half hour and then we drove back to Prague. The night in the appartment was a little restless for mom, since Lucy isn’t toilet trained yet.

And today, we drove back home and introduced Lucy to the rest of the family (except Philip, he’s at camp). Lots of training ahead of us, but she’s a fast learner!

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