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I haven’t updated the Blog for over a year, because I’ve been writing a book and working in an internship, among other things. Now, I’m about to publish a new book on the German market, coming out on August 1st, 2022. By the end of September, my internship with a German church will be done and I will finally have the official “Master’s degree” in theology (the internship was the last thing needed to fulfill all credit points). The fall months will probably be filled with a little book tour (appointments are being scheduled, etc.), an who knows what happens after that. In other words, blogging is no longer practical for me. But that doesn’t mean I am no longer posting any updates. Instead, I post shorter updates on Instagram. Now, you can see those updates on the blog and homepage as well. They are in German (Instagram offers automatic translation), and relate to little events, inputs and updates around my book/creative projects (sorry it took so long, the reason is simply because I couldn’t figure out the technology behind it until now). Also, you can find sneak peaks into my book in form of YouTube videos (also in German with English subtitle option). Thank you to everyone who has supported or shown interest in my work over the years. If you stay connected with the new channels, that’s great, but if not, I appreciated the time you spent with the blog. God bless you, and wherever you are and whatever may come, have a great day!

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