Unicorn-Official Easter!

It’s official: I have a comission with the SWR radio station to make 2 unicorn helmets for their festival DASDING. The helmets will look something like designs B and C on the sketch sheet.


Unicorns seem to fascinate a lot of people, especially those who in general are of the “rational, science-abiding”-type (see countless rainbow-unicorn- appearances in “Nerd-Popculture”) . It’s almost like a myth, a sarcastic (though not forgotten) wish for wonder, supernatural things and things beyond comprehension. No matter how much you profess to stay away from it, a sense for the supernatural seems to be part of human nature.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. A holiday which is very supernatural: God himself, who had come as a man, dies and is raised from the dead. Jesus was dead, but now he is alive. I believe that this can actually turn your life upside-down, if you believe it. And unlike rainbow unicorns, I do believe Jesus is alive. He is not dead, he is risen!

In that sense, Happy Easter!

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