Two Memos to Future Me

Memo 1: Don’t be afraid to ask.
We had a class meeting today to determine which art will go into the Summer Exhibit. I brought 4 paintings, assuming I’d never get 4 in. But I did! All 4 were considered good works, but “Coast Guard Tower after Sunset” was traded with “The Fish Hatchery” because it was too big for the wall. This was a change I actually welcomed because “The Fish Hatchery” is the picture you see on my postcards!

Memo 2: Don’t do gunny sack races on the 4th of July, it could cause you some pain.
I broke my arm and will need to wear a cast for at least 2 weeks. At least it’ll be a funny story for the future… but seriously, be ware of the gunny sack! ;)

What memos do you give yourself? Do you have any questions about art? Be sure to leave a comment or send me a mail at

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