Travel-Log Day 8-10: Countdown and Lift-Off!

This weekend was fun and relatively relaxing for me, I hope your weekend was cool too :)

On saturday I visited with two of the other ladies on staff, one is from Russia (Irina) and the other is from Ireland (Carol). So that made 3 people from 3 nations! We spent the afternoon together at the pool and just got to know each other a bit. They are both great people, so that was a pleasure!

On sunday I and Maike (one of the interns) took the bus to Larnaca to go to the house church there. The bus driver was really helpful, but the bus ride was long and rocky. I got a little carsick and took about 30 min to recover…
I was worth it to take the trip, though, because the house church is awsome! Maike and I spent part of the service with the youth and told some curious teenagers about who we were and what we were doing in Cyprus. It’s a fun group of kids and teens :)
Afterward we had a generous lunch with the whole church (they do that every week). I was glad for the free meal, especially since it was a good one. And we spent a long time talking to different people, not leaving until 6PM. Time flies when you’re having a good time!

And today was the start of the internship! The team and the interns met, we had some intoduction stuff and a group lunch. I think it will be a great 6 weeks!

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