Travel-Log Day 50-52: The End of a Great Time

I went to visit the Zykos-Family on Saturday. They consist of Aris and Heather, their 8 kids, their dog Mina and plenty of birds (chickens, doves, pidgeons). It’s a simple home, but the love and joy makes it a great place to be. We had some meatloaf, peas and carrots and baked potatoes for lunch. And for dessert they served some home-made peanutbutter-chocolate-bars, I contributed some home-made ginger bread. I talked to the parents and played a drawing game with the kids. They are a great family!

Sunday was spent in church, as usual it took all day. This sunday one of the guys started playing some African songs during the worship time. It was a happy church! There’s just something about African songs that makes you want to dance and be joyful. :)

And on Monday my time in Cyprus came to an end. I could spend some last time with some friends and sit at the beach a last time. Then I was brought to the airport and went home.

This has been a full, amazing, beautiful, challenging and God-filled 7 weeks. I have learned a lot and am glad I was there!

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