Travel-Log Day 37-39: Something Serious and Something Fun

We have a less packed schedule this week, but this doesn’t mean we are doing nothing.

Yesterday we learned a lot about the topic of human trafficking and modern-day slavery, as this is one of the outreach focuses of the House of Prayer (HOP) here. The HOP networks with, help equip and prays for ministries who fight against human trafficking, and in the past they have started and led a full-time work with trafficking-victims.
We watched two documentaries on the topic, and especially the second documentary is very moving. It doesn’t “shock” in that sense, but it shows what is really going on around the world. The topic is very dark and can be very depressing, as you could tell from the stories of those who were interviewed. But luckily the story didn’t end with overwhelming despair: The people who were interviewed for the documentary have been rescued and restored from their former life, both the women who were slaves and the people who used them.
What I think is key to realize: If you just rescue someone out of slavery, they are complete wrecks and will be broken for the rest of their lives. Counseling and therapy can help the victim a lot, but it cannot repair what was broken. Only Jesus can repair a person from the inside out. I really believe this is true, based on what others have experienced, but also my own experience (I never had to endure what slaves have to go through, but even in my “good life” I am being made new every day). So when I think about this whole topic, it would leave me sad, angry and overwhelmed if I only looked at the problem. But when I turn to God, I have hope, despite the problem.

That was the serious part of the post, now come the fun part: I was able to record my new songs and posted them here to listen to! And because it’s my Mom’s birthday, I am posting my song “Calvin and Hobbes” as well. Happy Birthday Mom!

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