Travel-Log Day 28-29: A Fire at the Beach, A Suprise Invitation

This week-end was very spontaneous and cool!

I had some of the interns over at my house on saturday. We went for a swim in the ocean and built a bonfire at the beach. While we were standing around the fire we met some guys from Israel, Gideon and Yah-Li (Hebrew for “God to me”). They were visiting a Cypriot friend for the weekend (Israel is only a 40-minute flight away) and left that same night. We talked especially to Yah-Li, ate chips and some nuts that they brought and sang some old 60s songs with him. Then the guys from Israel went inside, and another hour later we went in, too.
Inside we relaxed on my balconey, sang some songs and played guitar and cooked a simple lentil soup for dinner. Then the interns went home.

Today I hadn’t planned on doing anything, but I was spontaneously invited for lunch with the family who rents the appartment to me. They are a very nice couple in their 70s, and they had their daughter and her 2 kids their, too. The food was simple and delicious. The lemons are from Andreas’ own garden in Nicosia and “barely in season” as he says it. They still are sweeter and fresher than any lemon you would get in Germany, so I’ll take it! We talked for a while and then I got to look around their garden. They have canna flowers that are over 2m tall (7-8 feet) almost all year round! Our cannas in Germany make it to maybe 70cm (3-4 feet), weather does make a difference!
In the end they gave me some lemons and pomogranates from their own garden in Nicosia. I thankfully took them :) Cypriot people are very hospitable, and a visit never is short. I was there for 3 hours, with people I hardly knew, but that didn’t matter. I enjoyed it, the perfect thing to finish off this week.

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