Travel-Log Day 21-27: Lots of Sun, Lots of Food, Another Song!

Last saturday we went out to dinner at a local Taverna and ordered some “Mezze”. A Mezze is a group of many different dishes and you need at least 2 people to eat 1 Mezze. We were 8 people and ordered 6 Mezze, 4 of them meat and 2 of them fish. The taverna’s back porch is covered with grapes and is very nice. I enjoyed eating “Cyprus style”: eat a lot, and be loud! I was always taught to us a quiet “restaurant voice” while eating, but “restaurant voice” is loud here!

DSCN0917DSCN0924 (1024x768)

On sunday I got to witness a baptism at the beach. This was a special experience!


This week was just as busy as the last one, a lot of full days. But they were good days, and I could write another song during that time! It’s called “New Me” and talks about our (my) new identity when I know Christ. I will post the song with the lyrics as soon as I can record it properly

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