Travel-Log Day 16-20: New Song, Hair-dos and more Food!

I haven’t been posting many updates because it’s really busy here. I can’t share everything (that would be too much!) but here’s some news:

  • Among many other things, I’ve been leading some art and music in the House of Prayer. The “art stream” is once a week, always on Tuesdays. We encourage people to allow themselves to be creative, to express what they are feeling in prayer and in life. Many people that come say of themselves that they aren’t creative. Still, doing something “creative” turns out to be very therapeutic for them. Helping in these sessions is very encouraging.
  • My song is done! It’s called “Face to Face” and talks about how we can only really achieve the “big things” if we have a relationship with God. Of course many people would disagree, and that’s fine, but I’ve experienced that knowing God as a person makes a huge difference.
  • One of the staff members was given a black summer dress, and since it didn’t fit her, she asked me if I wanted to try it on. I don’t usually wear skirts/dresses, but I decided to try it. The dress is beautiful and I actually like it! I also let one of the interns braid my hair (which is also something I don’t usually do) and she did an amazing job! She was happy to make me happy with something she is good at. And so she did!
    DSCN0912 DSCN0914 (571x1024)
  • Today we had lunch together and I got to cook the food for everyone. Since we have several allergies in our group, it was like a game of “Taboo”: I couldn’t use egg, wheat, milk, garlic, vinegar or hot spices. But it worked out well. I made baked zucchini in tomatosauce, stuffed with rice, meat, veggies, onions and garlic. To top it off, I added orange juice, cinnamon and honey. Actually the cinnamon and honey were Maike’s idea, she helped cook the food on thursday. Everyone enjoyed lunch and just hanging out together.

    DSCN0905 (1024x768)
    Test run for the “Stuffed Zucchini”. The actual meal for 20 people had rice and meat added to it, and some extra spices.
  • I can see the ocean from my balconey, and the other day I could also see some windsurfers! They looked like they were having a good time :)
    DSCN0909 (1024x818)

So much for the updates, I wish all of you a nice weekend and warm greetings from sunny Cyprus :)

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