Travel-Log Day 12-15: Work, Rest and Writing a Song!

After going to Salamis and Varosha (the ghost town), the rest of the week was spent with hearing and participating in teaching. I got to know some of my interns and support the art workshop session on Friday. Also, I went on Friday evening to visit two of my interns at their appartment and cook dinner with them. We made a lentil-curry soup, simple but effective!

Today I am resting from an intense 1st week: cleaning, cooking, going to the beach and writing a new song. Some songs take ages to write, some don’t turn out, but I think this one will be good…

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    1. Hi Shelly,
      I don’t usually cook by recipe, but here is roughly what went into it:
      -cinnamon, salt, pepper, cumin, curry
      -lemon juice (we actually used orange juice, works with both)
      -olive oil

      If I had more ingredients I would have added some Coriander and maybe some vinegar to give it some edge. But it tasted great just as it was :)

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