Training Time!

Coming Up: I will get to teach an art workshop on Saturday!
There are 14 people signed up, and the topic is “creativity in the church”: We will learn that everybody is creative in some way because we are made in the image of a creative God. Creativity is applicable to any area and has lots of benefits for communities, including the church.
One of the lessons will be the importance of stories. Not because all stories are real, but because all stories make abstract concepts “real” (as in “tangible”) to us. Instead of talking about a concept, we can use stories to experience what that concept means when it is played out. So stories don’t replace abstract discussions, but they can have significant power, just in a different way.

One example of great storytelling is the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”.
What I love about this particular scene: It doesn’t have to explain to us what the characters are feeling. Instead, we get to see, hear, feel, and experience what is going on.  It’s a great example of one of the key storytelling rules: show, don’t tell.

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