The Thing about Growth…

I am in the last leagues of finishing my illustration commission. It’s taken a long time and will take another few days. I see the mistakes, and I am tired of fidgeting with it. But even if it’s not going to be perfect, I am excited about how it’s coming together.

My garden is growing, but it’s far from producing a harvest. It’s enjoying the sunshine and the regular showers.

In both cases, growth is happening. One project is almost done, the other just starting. With my illustrations, I need to hang in there until the end. With my garden, I need to give it time, even if it’s not showing results, yet.
Growth comes with phases. It doesn’t just happen at the same rate all the time, with immediate results. So if you want to see growth, you’ve got to be willing to go through all those phases along the way. It can get tiring, but it’s also rewarding. :)

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