The Power of Thank You (9 Years later)

The Power of Thank You (9 Years later)

This week I saw another headline about Covid-19 and how it is hard on the schools. I thought of the effects of climate change and of the mess we call politics. The weight of it all seemed to get to me.

But then I thought of the privilege I have and the good things I’ve been given. And I especially was moved by the work of my high school teachers. I hadn’t seen them in 9 years. But they invested a lot of values in students like me: honesty, patience, critical thinking, environmental awareness, and hope. My geography teacher lead an environment club, and even if I was too shy to join it back then, that value stayed with me. My art teacher encouraged creativity, I studied art and carry creativity wherever I go. And my religion teacher taught us the value of connecting faith to society, and I am about to become a pastor. So, I wrote my high school an email that just said thank you. Thank you, teachers, for investing time and energy and value into students. Even when you deal with obnoxious kids or feel overwhelmed amidst Covid-19.

And the cool thing is, two teachers replied back to me. I hadn’t been to the school since my graduation 9 years ago, yet they remembered me. They were honored and also happy to hear how I was doing. The art teacher checked out my website and invited me to visit whenever I’d be in town. And the religion teacher asked me some stuff about studying theology and what I planned to do as a pastor.

So, yes, the world still feels overwhelming at times. But when you stop to say thank you, you open doors of connection and hope amidst it all. So, who can you say thank you to? Try it, and see what happens!
Stay creative, and have a great day!

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