Straw Figures Workshop!

I got to host and teach a straw figure workshop last Saturday. We ended up being 5 people, all of whom had fun making characters out of straw and wire. I thought the results were cool to see :)

It’s Lantern Season!

St. Martin’s day is around the corner, a day in remembrance of the generosity of a soldier named Martin. The story goes that he saw a poor beggar in the snow and was moved with compassion. He took his robe and gave it to the man, saving the man’s life.
St. Martin’s day isn’t a holiday in Germany, but it is celebrated with lantern walks, songs and bonfires. Most of the people who celebrate St. Martin’s day are kids with their parents, but not here in Ewersbach: We are having our own lantern walk as well.

In honor of the occasion we had a lantern building workshop. Unfortunately only 2 people could participate, but we still had fun. I built a goldfish lantern and my friend Sina built a Calvin-and-Hobbes lantern. So even if it was small, it was the first creative workshop I got to host at this school. A start, and starts are good :)


A long and random Day

I haven’t been updating the website this week because I have been very busy but also had/still have a sore throat. But today I was at art school all day and got a lot done. Here’s what happened:

  1. I went to the printing company to get my portfolio printed. It’s looking good :)
  2. Spend the rest of the afternoon (with exception of a quick trip to the hardware store) in the wood workshop. I am building a little shelf that is acessible from all four sides. It’s going to be on wheels so that you can turn it like a postcard stand. Most of the wood is reclaimed so the project is quite cheap. And it’s simply fun to build because I got to use the table saw for the first time! :)
  3. Listened in on a presentation of our professor for photography. He was talking about photographing performances and what that meant to him. He is a really good photographer!
  4. Finished all the woodwork on my new worktable/desk. All that is left to do is to cover it with epoxy (also known as “liquid glass”. My new best friend :) )
  5. Witnessed a huge rollerskating-marathon drive by our academy. It stopped traffic for almost 15minutes!
  6. Had a fun conversation with one of my classmates. I now know that she likes shopping at Goodwill Stores and loves cowboy boots. She’s a fun person :)

Total time at the academy: about 11hours, from 10.30AM to 9.30PM. I’d call that a day!

Test-Assembly of my Table!

It seems to be test week, so today I did another test. I had been working on a table and today I put the pieces all together for the first time. At first the legs didn’t line up, but then it all fit together. So cool :D

IMG_20160414_123220 (837x1024)

I made the table top out of reclaimed wood and the legs out of metal. To finish it off the wood will get a coat of epoxy (“liquid glass”) and the legs will get a layer of clear varnish. I don’t get to do this kind of stuff too often (welding, woodworking,…) so this was a good project. It’s design is practical and has style at the same time, best of both worlds!