A Test-Exhibit

I will be graduating from art school in about 3 1/2 months. My final exam will be to host an art exhibit. I have an idea of what it will look like, but just for fun I decided to test-hang my 3 newest paintings. The same picture can look great or terrible just by how … Continue reading A Test-Exhibit

“Devil’s Canyon” and “Water Power Plant” done!

I am excited to say that "Devil's Canyon" and "Water Power Plant" are done! It didn't take much, but the last bits of painting take everything to the next level. I think both pictures are done, if anything I might add a little refinement to the lighting in "Water Power Plant".   And here's are … Continue reading “Devil’s Canyon” and “Water Power Plant” done!

New Supplies – New Progress!

I went shopping this morning at an art supply store in Karlsruhe. Among other things I got new oil paint and some stuff for the unicorn helmets. In the end my bag was full and my wallet was not... (art supplies are expensive!)   Other Progress News: -The helmets are looking great. They will be … Continue reading New Supplies – New Progress!

The Tale of the Broken Canvas

Once apon a time, I built a canvas. I had built other canvases before, but this one went really wrong. It turned out bad, so bad that it couldn't be fixed. So I had to destroy it. I took the canvas off and took the wood frame apart. Then I decided to build a new … Continue reading The Tale of the Broken Canvas

Work in Progress!

My paintings are developing. For the most part I'm happy with them, but sometimes things can go wrong, too: the frame for "Water Power Plant" unfortunately twisted because of the primer. The canvas pulled on the frame and now it's messed up. I tried to bend it back but then it broke. I will have … Continue reading Work in Progress!

Updates on Art!

We had a Mexican exchange student in our class for this past semester. Part of the requirements for her was to host an exhibit of her work. She had her exhibit on tuesday evening and did well. She had previously been criticized by our professor for having little work and for the work being too … Continue reading Updates on Art!

Updates: Paintings and Costumes!

A few days ago I had posted that the painting "Shadow under a Bridge" was finished. But when I went to show it to my professor, he suggested to change the sky and the hills. I did what he suggested and like the result. It was good before, but now it's even better! As for … Continue reading Updates: Paintings and Costumes!

A new (old) Picture!

Yesterday I began working on the next painting. It's going to be a remake of my painting "Water Power Plant" (2014, Acrylic on Paper). This time it's about twice as big (50cm x 124 cm / 1' 8''x 4' 2'') and it will be done in oil. I am also trying out a different canvas … Continue reading A new (old) Picture!