A Mask, a Unicorn, a Chagall-Afternoon

I just put my 2nd Kasperle-Mask on Ebay and am excited to see what happens. :)

While I was doing some research for my history presentation, I came across the “medical knowledge” of the 12th century, as told by Hildegard of Bingen. It’s quite something to realize that what she was writing about medicine was what was considered “state of the art”, because most of it is really absurd. Here’s what she has to say about the medical purposes of unicorns:
“The unicorn […] is a herbivore. It avoids humans and other animals. It especially fears the presence of men […] but it follows women. That is why you hardly catch one of them. […] The pulverised liver can be mixed with egg yolk to form a salve to cure leprosy, unless God wills for that person to die, then the salve won’t help. A belt made from the skin of a unicorn protects its wearer from the plague and from fever. Shoes made of unicorn leather impart strength and health to feet, joints and legs.”

And this morning and early afternoon I decided to design a book cover for my new German Luther-Bible. I decided to go for a Chagall-inspired look. I would have liked it to turn out with slightly different colors, but I’m still pleased with it. The Hebrew verses add a bit of something extra to it :)

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Some Summer Comissions!


It’s summer and so I have time for other projects, including comission jobs. So if you e.g. want a cabinet painted/refinished, a painting, a sculpture, a poem, or something else, you can let me know! I’d be glad to make something for you.

Above are some examples of comission-work/ stuff I could do as comissions. Of course there are many more pictures on my site, but these are just a few from different categories.

Thanks for your support and your ideas, and have a great day!


Finally some more Painting

You know that feeling when you are doing so much stuff but at one point can finally get something done? Well I do, and it’s a good feeling :)

IMG_20160530_164035 (1024x734)

The picture is (almost) done. I might define some edges and add some green accents, but I am trying to take my professor’s advice and to not “overpaint it”.

I started work on another piece today, tomorrow I can sketch it out. And I won’t have to worry about the unicorns anymore, one of them only needs some hotglue and then they are done. I love challenging projects, but they can’t be my priority now. I need to focus!


I said before that my first unicorn helmet was done. Well I got a call from the commisioners and they said that I should try anything I can to make the helmets lighter. I should also add a spiral on the horns of both helmets. So it’s back to the workshop. I managed to take about 200-250g of weight off and add a spiral to the first helmet, I haven’t touched the second one yet.

This comission is only a small part of what’s going on in my life right now. My dog died 2 weeks ago and my grandpa died yesterday afternoon. I have a final exam art exhibit to host and I have to find a new leadership team to take over my German class when I leave it in 2 months. There’s a bit of a mountain piling up, and it can seem overwhelming. But I don’t want to be bogged down by the detours and dramas. My mom always says “If you don’t like the view, get in the car and drive on” or as “Dory” from “Finding Nemo” puts it: “Just keep swimming!” So that’s what I’m going to do!

One Unicorn Done!

After almost 30 hours of work, one of the unicorns is finished! It features a green-pink color sceme with a thick mane. The Helmet is very sturdy and you can adjust the strap size.

Number two is almost done, it just needs it’s mane. The hair is drying on a rack right now and will be ready in a few hours. I won’t be able to finish it until the weekend, because I have an interview to go to. But seeing these unicorns now is a treat :)


Painting the Roses Red…

…or dyeing fabric for the unicorn-manes. One mane is to be yellow, the other pale pink. I used natural dyes for the process, for no particular reason other than that I had the pigments at hand. The yellow dye is tumeric (also known as curcumin) and the pink dye is red wine.

The impact of acid on natural dyes is amazing: When I was preparing the tumeric dye, it started out yellow but turned dark orange. I was confused but then remembered that chalk changes the color of beet root. I knew that the water in our area is on the chalky side, so acid would help. A few squirts of vinegar later, the color was light yellow again.

Now the individual strands are hanging up to dry. Soon they will be assembled on the unicorn helmets. We are almost done!

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Unicorns :)

Now for something cute: I have been working on a comission of 2 unicorn helmets for a few weeks. They are now painted in their final colors. The last steps will be to varnish them and add a flowing mane. This project is one of my first comissions and definetly the first one for a “real” client.

New Supplies – New Progress!

I went shopping this morning at an art supply store in Karlsruhe. Among other things I got new oil paint and some stuff for the unicorn helmets. In the end my bag was full and my wallet was not… (art supplies are expensive!)


Other Progress News:

-The helmets are looking great. They will be getting their hard shell very soon :)


-I will try to make casts of my papermaché-sculptures, especially Greedo and the Rhino-mask. They are currently infested with bugs and are slowly being eaten. Hard lesson learned: If you are making permanent sculptures with papermaché, don’t use flour, use wall paper paste!


Unicorn-Official Easter!

It’s official: I have a comission with the SWR radio station to make 2 unicorn helmets for their festival DASDING. The helmets will look something like designs B and C on the sketch sheet.


Unicorns seem to fascinate a lot of people, especially those who in general are of the “rational, science-abiding”-type (see countless rainbow-unicorn- appearances in “Nerd-Popculture”) . It’s almost like a myth, a sarcastic (though not forgotten) wish for wonder, supernatural things and things beyond comprehension. No matter how much you profess to stay away from it, a sense for the supernatural seems to be part of human nature.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. A holiday which is very supernatural: God himself, who had come as a man, dies and is raised from the dead. Jesus was dead, but now he is alive. I believe that this can actually turn your life upside-down, if you believe it. And unlike rainbow unicorns, I do believe Jesus is alive. He is not dead, he is risen!

In that sense, Happy Easter!

Rainbow Unicorns? An Explanation!

Why the sketches of rainbow unicorn heads? I heared about a comission from the local radio station SWR (South West Radio). They are putting on a big festival and part of the event will be a game where people put on unicorn helmets and try to pop baloons in a tent. They are looking for someone to make 2 unicorn helmets, so I applied for the job. I have been in contact with them for a week and did some preliminary designs for them. Hence the unicorns :)  I have yet to offically accept the commission, but if this works out it would be really cool!