A Mask, a Unicorn, a Chagall-Afternoon

I just put my 2nd Kasperle-Mask on Ebay and am excited to see what happens. :) While I was doing some research for my history presentation, I came across the "medical knowledge" of the 12th century, as told by Hildegard of Bingen. It's quite something to realize that what she was writing about medicine was … Continue reading A Mask, a Unicorn, a Chagall-Afternoon

Some Summer Comissions!

  It's summer and so I have time for other projects, including comission jobs. So if you e.g. want a cabinet painted/refinished, a painting, a sculpture, a poem, or something else, you can let me know! I'd be glad to make something for you. Above are some examples of comission-work/ stuff I could do as … Continue reading Some Summer Comissions!

Finally some more Painting

You know that feeling when you are doing so much stuff but at one point can finally get something done? Well I do, and it's a good feeling :) The picture is (almost) done. I might define some edges and add some green accents, but I am trying to take my professor's advice and to … Continue reading Finally some more Painting


I said before that my first unicorn helmet was done. Well I got a call from the commisioners and they said that I should try anything I can to make the helmets lighter. I should also add a spiral on the horns of both helmets. So it's back to the workshop. I managed to take … Continue reading Detours

One Unicorn Done!

After almost 30 hours of work, one of the unicorns is finished! It features a green-pink color sceme with a thick mane. The Helmet is very sturdy and you can adjust the strap size. Number two is almost done, it just needs it's mane. The hair is drying on a rack right now and will … Continue reading One Unicorn Done!

Painting the Roses Red…

...or dyeing fabric for the unicorn-manes. One mane is to be yellow, the other pale pink. I used natural dyes for the process, for no particular reason other than that I had the pigments at hand. The yellow dye is tumeric (also known as curcumin) and the pink dye is red wine. The impact of … Continue reading Painting the Roses Red…

Unicorns :)

Now for something cute: I have been working on a comission of 2 unicorn helmets for a few weeks. They are now painted in their final colors. The last steps will be to varnish them and add a flowing mane. This project is one of my first comissions and definetly the first one for a … Continue reading Unicorns :)

New Supplies – New Progress!

I went shopping this morning at an art supply store in Karlsruhe. Among other things I got new oil paint and some stuff for the unicorn helmets. In the end my bag was full and my wallet was not... (art supplies are expensive!)   Other Progress News: -The helmets are looking great. They will be … Continue reading New Supplies – New Progress!

Unicorn-Official Easter!

It's official: I have a comission with the SWR radio station to make 2 unicorn helmets for their festival DASDING. The helmets will look something like designs B and C on the sketch sheet. Unicorns seem to fascinate a lot of people, especially those who in general are of the "rational, science-abiding"-type (see countless rainbow-unicorn- … Continue reading Unicorn-Official Easter!

Rainbow Unicorns? An Explanation!

Why the sketches of rainbow unicorn heads? I heared about a comission from the local radio station SWR (South West Radio). They are putting on a big festival and part of the event will be a game where people put on unicorn helmets and try to pop baloons in a tent. They are looking for … Continue reading Rainbow Unicorns? An Explanation!