Summer News!

The Summer Exhibit is over, the rooms are mostly back to normal, and I officially am done with my formal art education. I got an A- (1,66 in German grades) on my diploma and could just rest on that... But that's not happening, here's what will really happen: I will take a 2-week vacation with … Continue reading Summer News!

Some Summer Comissions!

  It's summer and so I have time for other projects, including comission jobs. So if you e.g. want a cabinet painted/refinished, a painting, a sculpture, a poem, or something else, you can let me know! I'd be glad to make something for you. Above are some examples of comission-work/ stuff I could do as … Continue reading Some Summer Comissions!

Two Memos to Future Me

Memo 1: Don't be afraid to ask. We had a class meeting today to determine which art will go into the Summer Exhibit. I brought 4 paintings, assuming I'd never get 4 in. But I did! All 4 were considered good works, but "Coast Guard Tower after Sunset" was traded with "The Fish Hatchery" because … Continue reading Two Memos to Future Me

Next Week: Summer Exhibit at the Art Academy!

It's the end of the school year, which means that we're getting ready for the summer exhibit! Today we emptied out our studios to make room for the exhibit. And on Monday we determine which art to put into the show. Then, next Wednesday, the show opens and is there until Sunday! I chose 4 … Continue reading Next Week: Summer Exhibit at the Art Academy!

New Painting: Two Fishing Boats

I had challenged myself to make 5 oil paintings before my next semester begins. This is most likely not going to happen, but here is painting numer three: Two Fishing Boats, 100x70cm (3'4''x2'4''). Enjoy!