Travel-Log: Uganda 2019

Church, Africa-Style: Uganda's society is quite religious. No one would call themselves an atheist. Most are either Christians, Muslims, or follow Tribal Religions. There are prominent Pastors, "prophets" and "healers" all over the place. When they say something, people take their word for it. For better or for worse. While…



On Friday morning at 8.30, I got on a bus in Heidelberg, bound towards Zürich. I spent the weekend at a conference for children's book authors and illustrators, the SCBWI Europolitan. SCBWI is the "Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators" and offers connection and opportunities to grow in your…


Busy in Berlin!

My spring break is almost over. But I still have a few weeks before classes start, so I figured: Why not go to Berlin! (Actually I am helping out with our school's information booth at a conference, so it's a school-related outing) I got here on Wednesday, and will stay…

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