Three unexpected Things

Yesterday, I stayed home from school, because I was sick. But you never know what will come your way, even on a sick day. Yesterday, I experienced three unexpected things: When I went shopping, I had to shovel my car out of 30cm of fresh snow. It was cold, wet and windy. But successful. I … Continue reading Three unexpected Things

What I’ve been Up to

My blog has been quiet and I've been working. Here's what I've been up to: Exams are ahead some are now passed Lots to know, but fun as well. I'm not a genius, but I do what I can And that is sufficient for now. No paintings to show But a mask in the make … Continue reading What I’ve been Up to

Spring Break – Time to work!

Today I wrote my last exam for this semester, and apart from some smaller stuff, I am now on vacation until April. Spring Break!! I felt great today, not only because the exam went well, but also because I could kick off the vacation with some art. I finally could get back to my oil … Continue reading Spring Break – Time to work!

Christmas Gifts? Here are 7 Ideas!

In case you are drawing a blank on gift ideas for Christmas, here are some suggestions: Make a Card: You can use any material, like old magazines, colored paper, felt or candy wrappers. Just choose a simple design or think of your own. Here are some examples I did, but it can be much simpler … Continue reading Christmas Gifts? Here are 7 Ideas!

Travel-Log Day 40-59: Final Laps and Fun!

As in the previous weeks I've been keeping busy. I could get to know my interns better than before, realizing what treasures they really are. They are not perfect and have their battles, but they are great people. I can see what I need to learn just by seeing other people. They are like a … Continue reading Travel-Log Day 40-59: Final Laps and Fun!

Travel-Log Day 37-39: Something Serious and Something Fun

We have a less packed schedule this week, but this doesn't mean we are doing nothing. Yesterday we learned a lot about the topic of human trafficking and modern-day slavery, as this is one of the outreach focuses of the House of Prayer (HOP) here. The HOP networks with, help equip and prays for ministries … Continue reading Travel-Log Day 37-39: Something Serious and Something Fun

Travel-Log Day 21-27: Lots of Sun, Lots of Food, Another Song!

Last saturday we went out to dinner at a local Taverna and ordered some "Mezze". A Mezze is a group of many different dishes and you need at least 2 people to eat 1 Mezze. We were 8 people and ordered 6 Mezze, 4 of them meat and 2 of them fish. The taverna's back … Continue reading Travel-Log Day 21-27: Lots of Sun, Lots of Food, Another Song!

Travel-Log Day 16-20: New Song, Hair-dos and more Food!

I haven't been posting many updates because it's really busy here. I can't share everything (that would be too much!) but here's some news: Among many other things, I've been leading some art and music in the House of Prayer. The "art stream" is once a week, always on Tuesdays. We encourage people to allow … Continue reading Travel-Log Day 16-20: New Song, Hair-dos and more Food!

Travel-Log Day 12-15: Work, Rest and Writing a Song!

After going to Salamis and Varosha (the ghost town), the rest of the week was spent with hearing and participating in teaching. I got to know some of my interns and support the art workshop session on Friday. Also, I went on Friday evening to visit two of my interns at their appartment and cook … Continue reading Travel-Log Day 12-15: Work, Rest and Writing a Song!

“Bird’s Eye View”-Recording from Salamis Ampitheater

Here's my song "Bird's Eye View". I apologize for the bad sound quality, I will try to edit it when I have the time. Since I was at the top of the ampitheater, it was quite windy. The lyrics are below, and also below the youtube-video. This song is not on my CD, but I … Continue reading “Bird’s Eye View”-Recording from Salamis Ampitheater


I've already gotten some really good feedback, comments and questions about my new CD. If you want to add your two cents or order a "real CD", let me know! I'll make a short Q&A-Video soon, and I'm burning the CDs today! I even got to borrow a CD-burner from my church. You can burn … Continue reading CD-News

“Crossroads” is out!

Big news! My CD "Crossroads" is finally available on the Internet (Search words: "Nicole Heymann Crossroads")! You can get the songs at places like iTunes, Amazon-Music, and so on. Here are the according links: Itunes Amazon-Music You can also get "real CDs" for 6,50 Euros a piece. Those who pre-ordered the CDs will naturally get … Continue reading “Crossroads” is out!

The Conference done, the CD is done!

I just got back from the SfC-Connect Conference in Hohengrete, Germany. One week of great teaching, workshops, friends and a bit of a time-travel to the 70s (the retreat center looks like a 1970s-movie set, even the brochures fit the time period!) And I got the final versions of my recorded songs back from my … Continue reading The Conference done, the CD is done!

Patreon and Fundraising for Refugees!

Hi Everyone! Here is my new Patreon-site! It's a crowdfunding platform where you can support creators and their content. I will use it for my art, but the first $2000 I make will go to the FRRME, because they are an amazing organisation that makes a big difference in Iraq. (Details on the site) So … Continue reading Patreon and Fundraising for Refugees!