Spring Break – Time to work!

Today I wrote my last exam for this semester, and apart from some smaller stuff, I am now on vacation until April. Spring Break!!

I felt great today, not only because the exam went well, but also because I could kick off the vacation with some art. I finally could get back to my oil painting and I consider the picture (almost) done :) I might add some small touch-ups, but that’s not certain yet.
(the 2 pictures show the comparision from before and after today’s session)

And I finished a song that I was working on! I haven’t sucessfully finished a song for over a year now, so this is exciting to me. It’s called “Somersault” and is about my little brother and the ups and downs of him growing up. He’s had some issues over the past 2 years, but he’s in a good place now. I sometimes could roll my eyes at his behavior, but I also admire him and have learnt a lot from him. So that’s what this is about :)

(I couldn’t upload the youtube-video to the blog post, but it’s on youtube. Here’s the link to that video with the lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khfTGnUvQ1M&feature=youtu.be )


Back from the Dead!

(I know I’m late on this, but happy New Year 2017!)

I had a lot going on, but due to severe technical issues, I was not able to actively post anything. It was frustrating, but if you have a dark sense of humor (which I do) it was also funny:

First, I broke my laptop screen by getting headphones stuck in the lid. The result then looked like I had been in an earthquake, so I had to send it in to get that fixed.


Then I lost my cell phone for a day when I went to the Frankfurt airport to pick up a friend. Thinking the phone was at the airport, I had the card blocked and requested a new card. Turns out the phone was in the car. I was glad to have my phone back, but now there were issues with activating the new card…

…Long story short, I figured the phone out after a week and got my laptop back today!  :)

So now, “back from the dead”, I bring you the news:

  • The elf costume is done! I dyed it with turmeric to make it orange-yellow, and since that looked so good, I just kept it that way (instead of adding a green shade)
  • I made a christmas present for a class mate. He’s a football-fan and he and his wife are about to have a baby, So I made them a football pillow with 2 faces on it. Depending on how you catch it, it’s sad or happy :)
  • I reorganized my desk by building a little shelf. The whole area was completely out of control, but now I have a place for my folders and school/craft supplies. It actually turned out better than expected!
  • My painting is about 70% done! The last 30% will be tricky, since I don’t want to add too much or make it too detailed.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your day and greetings from winter-wonderland Ewersbach!

the view out my window on sunday



Work in Progress: A Theater in Seattle


This is what my newest painting looks like so far. It’s an entrance to a movie theater somewhere in Seattle. I got most of the base coats in and will be working on the shading and “details” from this point on (it intentionally won’t be detailed in the end).

Speaking of movie theaters, what do you think it should be called? And what do think of Disney’s new movie “Moana”? I haven’t seen it yet, but I’d be curious what your thought are :)


Day 2-3: Seattle to Corvallis

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I spent the first 1 1/2 days in Seattle area (Renton) with my uncle. The morning after our first night my mom and I had breakfast with some friends at a restaurant. My uncle paints murals as a part-time job, and one of his many murals was on the restaurant walls. Art runs in our family :)

My uncle drove us down to Corvallis and will be staying with us until Sunday. On the way down we stopped at an iris garden. It was a beautiful place. The individual varietes were labeled with a name and prices. Most varietes were $7,50, but some were as much as $65,00. And the coolest name was “Squid Squirt”. I’m guessing that it’s a black iris (It wasn’t in bloom yet). After seeing that place, we moved on and got to my grandparents house.

I almost didn’t recognize it, because the trees were all overgrown . But the house was mostly all the same as I have known it all my life. My grandparents are ok, but my grandpa is very sick and weak. He has been bed-ridden since January and wears an oxygen mask for air. I find it sad to see him in this state, but I’m glad that I’m here.

I and my uncle Rick started trimming the apple and plum trees in the front yard. My grandparents have some amazing trees! They needed the haircut, as do all the other trees.

Not much else has happened since arriving here. But it’s good to be here.

Nicole Heymann Art Shop!

Here’s my nSeattle-Seahawks-Tshirt-Front2-smallerew cafepress-shop! You can get t-shirts, cups, and other stuff related to works of art that I did! The site is still under construction, but you got to start somewhere. First collection of stuff: dedicated to this year’s Superbowl, for the Seattle Seahawks. Other work wil follow…

Share at will!


Go Seahawks!

Seattle-Seahawks-Tshirt-Front2-smallerHere’s a T-shirt design for the Seattle Seahawks! They won the play-offs, and the way they won it will probably be remembered for a while. They are now in the superbowl.

I decided to go with a Popart retro-look, similar to Andy Warhol’s work in the 60s.