Final Vocal Recordings for my CD!

            Today we did the final leap of vocal recordings! This project is getting more and more finished! Listen to the song "Crossroads" in the video below. If you want to pre-order a CD, just let me know via email or facebook!

Work in Progress: A Day in the Recording Studio

I will be releasing an EP (mini-CD) this summer! My talented producer and drummer invited an equally talented guitar player to Heidelberg for a great recording session. We got the instrumentals done and will finish the vocals in a few weeks. Stay tuned for further developments!

School’s out, bring in the Projects!

It's spring break and will be for about 8 weeks. This means no lectures, but it doesn't mean no art! I will be doing a lot of stuff, but here are... The Top 5 Projects for the Spring Break: 1. Paint 5 oil paintings (school work) 2. Take part in a book illustration contest to … Continue reading School’s out, bring in the Projects!

Vocal Recordings!

On Monday and Tuesday I was once again in the recording studio, this time for the vocals. You get the intrumentals as a playback and then you voice over that. It's cool to see how everything starts to come together!

Update on the Recording

I just got the rough mix of one of my songs from the recording session. It sounds so cool! Just the instruments, but you can hear what's going on in the song, I love it! :)

Writing, Reading, Recording Session!

I went to a professional recording studio on Tuesday. There I spent all day from 11AM to 10PM, recording 3 of my own songs. It is amazing what effort goes into even the most mundane thing. All the equipment and skill needed to record something worth keeping, it blows you away. Luckily I was not … Continue reading Writing, Reading, Recording Session!