Featured Art: Marylin

Here's a sculpture that was quite fun and interesting to make: "Marylin" (2013, Papermach√©)   It started with a set of coconut shells I had lying around. They reminded me of a monkey's jaw, so I made a chimp puppet. I put the puppet on my shelf, then waited for…


Nicole Heymann Art Shop!

Here's my new cafepress-shop! You can get t-shirts, cups, and other stuff related to works of art that I did! The site is still under construction, but you got to start somewhere. First collection of stuff: dedicated to this year's Superbowl, for the Seattle Seahawks. Other work wil follow... Share…


Go Seahawks!

Here's a T-shirt design for the Seattle Seahawks! They won the play-offs, and the way they won it will probably be remembered for a while. They are now in the superbowl. I decided to go with a Popart retro-look, similar to Andy Warhol's work in the 60s.

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