Tomatoes, Shelves, and another Artist

Everyone is back from vacation and school has started again. The new class of freshmen is finding their place and the rest of us are getting back into studying routines. With all of this, I am excited for what lies ahead. But I am also excited about what is going on right now. Like, the art projects that are coming together more and more:

  • The painting of tomato plants is (mostly) done. I might add some small touch-ups, but that would be it. It was an experiment that turned out differently than expected, but that’s ok!
  • I had two shipping box units that were sitting around unused, so I made a simple, small kitchen shelf out of them. The paint job will be similar to the palette shelf. I will add 1-2 layers of light blue on top of the brown and dark blue. So it won’t be as patchy as it is now ;)
  • I met another artist on Tuedsay! She is from the area and does sculptures. I was excited to meet her and talk to her. Turns out she’s the mother-in-law of a friend of ours. Who knew!
    There are also some creative people among the freshmen class. We’ll see what ideas and possibilities come from that :)

While writing this post, the rain is pressing in on the paths and houses. Grey light, cold, strong winds, and brown leaves dominate the landscape. But I won’t be depressed about it. After all, we are watching “Singing in the Rain” tonight. One of my favorite movies, fitting for a day like this.

Growing Season!

I started my new semester with some really inspiring classes and interesting topics. Opens up the mind.

Growing Season.

I’d sown out some tomato seeds on my window sill in mid-march. Now, there are about 30 little plants in my room, waiting to be transplanted.

Growing Season.

I get to display 8 of my paintings at my school. It took me a whole day to hang the pictures, but it was worth the trouble. Now, I can think of new paintings.

Growing Season.

Right now, I am surrounded by creativity and inspiration. And I’m taking it in. In some ways it’s a comparatively easy choice to do so right now. But it’s a choice nonetheless. You often think that the “hard times” are when you grow the least. But it’s the “easy times” I try to keep an eye on, because you can get lazy when everything seems “ok”.
I’m not wishing for trouble or anything, I just don’t want to lose my focus, now that things are “easy”. I’m grateful for these times and want to make the most of the opportunities.

So in that sense, I hope you can grow, too. Wherever you’re at right now. Have a great day!

Some (not so)”normal” Stuff

This weekend I took the time to catch up with some “normal” stuff. I cleaned my (very dirty) room and put together a special hanger for my elf costume.


Then there was the not so normal stuff: My mom and I had some families over with their little kids and we started some seeds together. The kids were very excited to participate in the whole process, from washing the pots to putting the seeds in the soil. The plants will be given away at our church in exchange for donations. All the money will go toward sponsoring our church’s summer camp, so that kids from a refugee/lower-inco background can go to camp, too. Two of those kids were among the helpers today. I didn’t get pictures of the process, but the results speak for themselves :)


Artist’s Life Extended: My Passion for Plants

As an artist, I obviously spend a good amount of time working on art projects. But other stuff has room as well, sometimes more, sometimes less.

These past two months, I’ve been starting several hundreds of plants in our greenhouse and on our kitchen window sill. I love plantsl, so the work comes naturally for me.
I am going to give most of the plants away to raise money for my trip to Cyprus this fall. People will be able to get different vegetable varieties, sunflowers and marigolds. All of the species are heirloom (that is, pure-bred) and some of them date back as far as the early 1800s. It’s amazing how much artistry is involved in nature. And every little thing has it’s place. This makes me marvel at it and is, for me, a pointer to an amazingly creative God.