Three unexpected Things

Yesterday, I stayed home from school, because I was sick.

But you never know what will come your way, even on a sick day. Yesterday, I experienced three unexpected things:

  • When I went shopping, I had to shovel my car out of 30cm of fresh snow. It was cold, wet and windy. But successful. I drove down the mountain and got some groceries. But on my way back, the snow had turned to slush, and I couldn’t get up the last hill. But then, a snow plow cleared the way, just for me. :)
  • I discovered that egg whites are slightly alkaline: I first fried some red cabbage and then fried the eggs. The leftover juice from the cabbage turned green-blue. So I had a red, green, yellow and white dinner. Unexpected, but colorful!
  • For the first time in a while, I wrote a song. It’s a simple call-and response song that can be sung by a choir. But it was fun to do.

So I was sick. But also had some fun.
What kind of unexpected things do you experience? Leave a comment if you like, and have a great day.


“Crossroads” is out!


Big news! My CD “Crossroads” is finally available on the Internet (Search words: “Nicole Heymann Crossroads”)! You can get the songs at places like iTunes, Amazon-Music, and so on. Here are the according links:



You can also get “real CDs” for 6,50 Euros a piece. Those who pre-ordered the CDs will naturally get them first!

Take a listen at the song “Popcorn” here:

Send me your Questions for a Q&A-Session about my CD!


I’m going to release my CD “Crossroads” soon (in form of “real” CDs and iTunes,Amazon Music, etc.)

Most of the work is done, so now I’d like to hear your questions: What do you want to know?
Any questions related to art, music, the creative process and inspiration or even just life will be accepted.

The most creative and interesting questions will be brought together in a special Q&A-video. Thanks already for all your support, it really means a lot to me!

Send me your questions on facebook ( or to my email (

My upcoming CD: Pre-Orders Open!


My first CD is coming out really soon! Pre-Orders will be taken from now on, just let me know via email or facebook how many CDs you want! The CDs are going to cost 6,50Euros each (7Dollars), plus shipping costs.

Get a taste of the music here:

Work in Progress: A Day in the Recording Studio

I will be releasing an EP (mini-CD) this summer! My talented producer and drummer invited an equally talented guitar player to Heidelberg for a great recording session. We got the instrumentals done and will finish the vocals in a few weeks. Stay tuned for further developments!

Inspirational Art: Music Video “Keep Making Me” (Sidewalk Prophets)

I love the way this song is done, both musically as well as in the music video animation. It inspires you to do your best and at the same time rest assured that you don’t need to try so hard to “make yourself”.

School’s out, bring in the Projects!

It’s spring break and will be for about 8 weeks. This means no lectures, but it doesn’t mean no art!
I will be doing a lot of stuff, but here are…
The Top 5 Projects for the Spring Break:

1. Paint 5 oil paintings (school work)

2. Take part in a book illustration contest to try to win the “Meefisch- Marktheidenfelder Prize for Book Illustration”. This is a German prize for the best unpublished illustration project in the German-speaking area. The winner gets 2000Euros and their book is published with the Arena Verlag, a big publishing group of the German-speaking area.
I will illustrate my story “Somehow Something is Missing!” (translated into German) and try to do this digitally. I prefer “real-life”, but digital paintings can be printed easier.
The book will look something like this:

Opening illustration for “Somehow Something is Missing!” (“Once there was a big, big castle on a big, big hill.”)

3. Start selling postcards of the painting “Five Friends/Fünf Freunde” for my fundraising campaign. All the money will go to the FRRME (Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East) Click here for more information: ;

Five Friends/Fünf Freunde -$2200-
Five Friends/Fünf Freunde -$2200-

4. Finish my CD and start selling it, possibly also on iTunes. You can listen in for a sneak peek:

5. Get busy in the garden! I want to start some veggies and flowers for summer to give away to people. They will be able to donate whatever they like for the plants. The money will help pay for my plane ticket to Cyprus this fall. Gardening is a fun art form!

Patreon and Fundraising for Refugees!

Hi Everyone!
Here is my new Patreon-site! It’s a crowdfunding platform where you can support creators and their content. I will use it for my art, but the first $2000 I make will go to the FRRME, because they are an amazing organisation that makes a big difference in Iraq. (Details on the site)

So if you want to sponsor a really cool cause by supporting my art, go check it out! Feel free to share this with anyone you know! :)


Here is my all new  own Patreon-site!

Patreon is a crowdfunding-platform where people can support creators of any kind. And when you support creators, you get rewards back!
I will use this site for my own support in the future, but first I want to use it to sponsor refugees. So the first $2000 will go to the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME), run by Canon Andrew White. They help people in Baghdad and the region with food, medical supplies and reconciliation work. (

So if you want to support me, the FRRME (or even just get rewards…), go check it out!

Vocal Recordings!

On Monday and Tuesday I was once again in the recording studio, this time for the vocals. You get the intrumentals as a playback and then you voice over that. It’s cool to see how everything starts to come together!

Update on the Recording

I just got the rough mix of one of my songs from the recording session. It sounds so cool! Just the instruments, but you can hear what’s going on in the song, I love it! :)

Writing, Reading, Recording Session!

I went to a professional recording studio on Tuesday. There I spent all day from 11AM to 10PM, recording 3 of my own songs. It is amazing what effort goes into even the most mundane thing. All the equipment and skill needed to record something worth keeping, it blows you away. Luckily I was not the musician on that day, but let the professionals be my minions… And they were super! We were 5 people, me and 4 guys. In the end my dad dropped by to see the action. We all enjoyed it very much! I tip my hat at any professional musician, it’s a lot of work!

I’m off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz….
Well actually not, I’m off to see Daniel Jakobi and talk about details for recording some of my songs. If all goes well the first 3 songs will be recorded with a band on tuesday, 2 other songs will be done a bit later. Here’s a demo recording of the song “Take a Breath”. Have a great day!