Travel-Log: Uganda 2019

Church, Africa-Style: Uganda's society is quite religious. No one would call themselves an atheist. Most are either Christians, Muslims, or follow Tribal Religions. There are prominent Pastors, "prophets" and "healers" all over the place. When they say something, people take their word for it. For better or for worse. While…


2018 Recap and Goals for 2019!

Christmas is over, and 2018 is almost over. And as I look back, I can summarize the past year with one word: thankful. I am really thankful for the things that happened in 2018. Why? Here are the top 10 reasons: March: Class trip to BelgiumFebruary-May: Illustration CommissionApril: first official…


Three unexpected Things

Yesterday, I stayed home from school, because I was sick. But you never know what will come your way, even on a sick day. Yesterday, I experienced three unexpected things: When I went shopping, I had to shovel my car out of 30cm of fresh snow. It was cold, wet…

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