2017- Recap

I would like to take the opportunity to recap the year, and thank those of you who followed the year with me. Thank you to everyone who supports me, in what ever way. Everyone who comments, likes and shares my work, online or in real life, that really means something to me. So in honor … Continue reading 2017- Recap

A Christmas Market Fundraiser!

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon creating a collage sign. Today, that sign was out on the annual Christmas market down in the village: I, and a few other students set up a booth there, so we could get in touch witht the locals a little. We sold cotton candy, handmade soap, and handmade paper-beed necklaces. … Continue reading A Christmas Market Fundraiser!

Fundraiser FRRME: “Five Friends”-Postcards at the local Christian Bookstores!

Big announcement for anyone in Karlsruhe/Mannheim region: Now you can get "Five Friends/Fünf Freunde"-postcards at the Christian bookstores in Mannheim and Karlsruhe! The money I make from these cards will sponsor the FRRME, an organisation that provides practical help to refugees and war victims of the Middle East. I want to raise $2000 for the … Continue reading Fundraiser FRRME: “Five Friends”-Postcards at the local Christian Bookstores!

News from the FRRME: Iraq correspondent Sarah tells of the situation

I am supporting the FRRME with my Patreon-site. Here are some updates on the urgent situation. From the facebook feed Because I Love Peace (https://www.facebook.com/Becauseilovepeace) I have been providing for this 'UN-protected' camp for more than three days on a raw. There are a couple of definitions for the word protection, here are two; (Protected: … Continue reading News from the FRRME: Iraq correspondent Sarah tells of the situation

School’s out, bring in the Projects!

It's spring break and will be for about 8 weeks. This means no lectures, but it doesn't mean no art! I will be doing a lot of stuff, but here are... The Top 5 Projects for the Spring Break: 1. Paint 5 oil paintings (school work) 2. Take part in a book illustration contest to … Continue reading School’s out, bring in the Projects!

New Painting

I said the painting would be done by tuesday night, and so it was. Here it is: House at the End of the Road. This is the biggest picture I have done so far, 110x120cm (3' 8''x4'). It is done in oil on canvas. This is work number 3 for my Patreon fundraising campaign. If … Continue reading New Painting

Update from the FRRME

I am raising money for the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME) with my Patreon site. Here are some updates on what the FRRME are doing (as of Jan 13, 2015): - St George's Hospital and Church in Baghdad are doing well, despite terrible conditions in Baghdad - Many people are … Continue reading Update from the FRRME

Patreon and Fundraising for Refugees!

Hi Everyone! Here is my new Patreon-site! It's a crowdfunding platform where you can support creators and their content. I will use it for my art, but the first $2000 I make will go to the FRRME, because they are an amazing organisation that makes a big difference in Iraq. (Details on the site) So … Continue reading Patreon and Fundraising for Refugees!


Here is my all new  own Patreon-site! Patreon is a crowdfunding-platform where people can support creators of any kind. And when you support creators, you get rewards back! I will use this site for my own support in the future, but first I want to use it to sponsor refugees. So the first $2000 will … Continue reading Patreon!

A Fundraising Campaign in the Making

I see the war on IS going on and all the people who are refugees because of it. I wanted to raise money for these people and wanted to do something original. So I decided to paint a picture of syrian refugee kids and to get sponsors for it. The painting is in the making … Continue reading A Fundraising Campaign in the Making