A Painting, a Flower: Work in Progress

I got some progress done on my oil painting. Now, most of the pink coat is covered and has a base coat of color on it. It still looks really wild, but I can see where it’s going :)

IMG_0433 (1024x1000)IMG_0434 (600x800)

And when I went to check on my garden, I saw the first tomato flowers on one of my plants. They are really small and could easily be missed, but if you look closely, you can see them. If you keep your eyes open, little things are bound to surprise you at random moments. And when that happens, you just stop a second and smile. At least that’s what I did today :)

Days 7-9: Bad Ideas and Good Ideas

Sometimes things aren’t just black and white, but sometimes they are pretty clear, at least to the person they relate to. For example:

Working in my grandparent’s yard and bringing flowers to them: Good Idea

IMG_20160426_182555 (1024x768)
Grandpa and me with some flowers from their yard

Eating out at a hole-in-the-wall chinese place where only Chinese people eat: Good Idea

IMG_20160426_205935 (1024x768)


Jelly-Bellys with “Butter Popcorn”-flavor: Bad Idea (We didn’t get those)

IMG_20160426_204254 (768x1024)

You see, some things are pretty clear! :)