Featured Art: Mandrill Mask – Hello and Goodbye :(

I had my Mandrill Mask at the "Montmartre"-Art Show on Sunday, and that was a good decision. Most people looked at the mask before the painting, some even asked how much the mask would cost. I unfortunately had to tell them that I couldn't sell it with a good conscience, because the mask is infested … Continue reading Featured Art: Mandrill Mask – Hello and Goodbye :(

Featured Art: Marylin

Here's a sculpture that was quite fun and interesting to make: "Marylin" (2013, Papermaché)   It started with a set of coconut shells I had lying around. They reminded me of a monkey's jaw, so I made a chimp puppet. I put the puppet on my shelf, then waited for about a year before I … Continue reading Featured Art: Marylin

Featured Art: Devil’s Canyon

I've always known that the American West was big. But coming from Germany (where everything is quite densly populated) I did not really know what "big" meant. Not until we took a roadtrip from San Diego to Minneapolis. We had 5 days, and had to travel 10-15 hours each day to make it. That's how … Continue reading Featured Art: Devil’s Canyon

Featured Art: The Fish Hatchery

Last spring I spent 5-weeks in the US, 2 weeks in Seattle, WA and 3 weeks in Corvallis, OR. During that time I got to go a little further east towards the Oregon Cascades. It took almost 3 hours to get there, and these were only the foothills of the Cascades. Quiet roads through mountain … Continue reading Featured Art: The Fish Hatchery

Featured Art: Dog barking at the Sea

Today's featured art piece is an acrylic painting on brown package paper. (Title: "Dog barking at the Sea") I started work on it while I was in Cyprus in Oct 2013. I was staying in an appartment close to the ocean, so close that you could hear the waves washing up to the shore. The … Continue reading Featured Art: Dog barking at the Sea

Featured Art: Greedo

I do a lot of different stuff, but I decided to put a focus on one of my works every once in a while. Today's VIP is my sculpture "Greedo". He's an infamous bounty hunter from the original "Star Wars"-Movie. I thought this character was aesthetically very interesting, but I also was intrigued by his … Continue reading Featured Art: Greedo