Art Exhibit at School!

My school has a long walkway between the library and the secretary. And today, I got to hang some of my artwork there! It's the second art show that I get to do in this location. Due to Corona, there will be no vernissage. But even still, it's nice to…


Creating when you’re stressed?

We still have one more week of school, but the exams are over. So, I finally have some time to be more creative! To be clear, we never stop being creative, even when we are studying or working. We are always gifted with some level of creativity. However, depending on…



I am currently at a 2-week internship. But that doesn't mean I can't bring a sketchbook along part of the time. In particular, I was able to draw some new friends at a grill party event. They were from Ethiopia and Iran. Also, a few days before, I went to…


Milestone: A full Dummy Book!

"Somehow something is Missing!": I have been working on this children's book project for 3 months. And in the last 3 days, I was working almost all day on the last illustrations. The result: a book you can look at from start to finish. It's what you call a "dummy…


Anatomy Studies

I will start school again next Monday. Until then, I decided to learn some anatomy skills. It can seem pretty technical, but learning these things step by step is already helping me a lot. I've had anatomy charts for a while, but it is quite overwhelming if you have to…

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