I am currently at a 2-week internship. But that doesn't mean I can't bring a sketchbook along part of the time. In particular, I was able to draw some new friends at a grill party event. They were from Ethiopia and Iran. Also, a few days before, I went to…


Milestone: A full Dummy Book!

"Somehow something is Missing!": I have been working on this children's book project for 3 months. And in the last 3 days, I was working almost all day on the last illustrations. The result: a book you can look at from start to finish. It's what you call a "dummy…


Anatomy Studies

I will start school again next Monday. Until then, I decided to learn some anatomy skills. It can seem pretty technical, but learning these things step by step is already helping me a lot. I've had anatomy charts for a while, but it is quite overwhelming if you have to…


Caricatures at a Kid’s Festival!

Once a year, the local village has a big kid's festival for charity. They have all sorts of things for kids ages 3-12, like jumping castles, a "teddy bear clinic", karaoke, and so on. But this year, they also had me drawing caricatures! I was there with the local church…

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