Travel Interludes before School

Two weekends ago I went with my dad on a 3-day-trip to Venice. It was a spontaneous trip to surprise some of my dad's friends, who were also on vacation at that time. We enjoyed the sun, the water, and the scenery. Due to Corona, the city only had about…


Costume Party!

I have been working on a cowboy costume for the past few weeks. And on Sunday, it got to present itself to the world of the student costume party! :) The motto was "Throwback Thursday", and the best costume got a prize. Quite a few people showed up in costume,…


Some Updates

It's cold and rainy these days and it gets dark before 5 PM. This is not the kind of thing to encourage a person. But luckily there is a lot you can do indoors, like studying, or reading, or making costumes. I finally could bring my mannequin out from the…

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