A very SCHÖN Week!

I was at a big art conference in Augsburg from thursday to saturday. The title of the conference was "SCHÖN", which means "beautiful" in German. Put on by the house of prayer in Augsburg, the focus was art and it's relevance in faith and in society. Exciting topics! Now, I'm back in Ewersbach, getting ready … Continue reading A very SCHÖN Week!

Busy in Berlin!

My spring break is almost over. But I still have a few weeks before classes start, so I figured: Why not go to Berlin! (Actually I am helping out with our school's information booth at a conference, so it's a school-related outing) I got here on Wednesday, and will stay until tomorrow. So far it's … Continue reading Busy in Berlin!

A Trip to Tirana!

I was on a 4-day trip to Albania this weekend and got back yesterday evening. I went with my mom and a friend of hers to a conference in Tirana, the capitol of the country. It was a great an inspiring time, one I didn't see coming at all at the beginning of the year. … Continue reading A Trip to Tirana!