A Christmas Market Fundraiser!

IMG_1210 (800x600)

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon creating a collage sign.
Today, that sign was out on the annual Christmas market down in the village: I, and a few other students set up a booth there, so we could get in touch witht the locals a little. We sold cotton candy, handmade soap, and handmade paper-beed necklaces. New for me: It isn’t often that you get to make cotton candy or see so many people in one spot around here!

The money raised from the soap and the necklaces will sponsor a group of young mothers in Uganda, to help them learn a trade and to support their families. They are learning things like sewing and gardening and soap making. Their lives are often times very hard, but they have hope, because they will be able to stand on their own feet someday. My mom is in direct contact with them and works with the local leaders. Check out the her blog to read more about this project:


Now, a few hours later, I’m in my room with a hot cup of tea and a blanket. Christmas market work leaves you cold!
I wish you a great weekend, and that you get to try something new! :)

Illustration Progress!

Family Photos
dino-food (1024x751)
For my story “When you get Yourself a Dinosaur”

I am working on a project about a girl in Vietnam. She’s the girl in the green shirt, and the current illustration shows her family pictures.

I am simultaneously trying to finish up the illustrations for my story “When you get Yourself a Dinosaur”. My goal is to finish them by April 10th, because there is an illustration contest coming up for that deadline. It might work, it might not, but one can try  :)

Moving to Ewersbach!

To summon up last week: I was in Bavaria for 5 days on a retreat (Monday-Friday), and moved to Ewersbach in Hessen on Saturday. The reasons for this are that I am now a theology student, and the school is in the little town of Ewersbach. The retreat was a “beginning-of-the-year-retreat” for the students.

The retreat was great, and the view of the Alps had a certain amount of class :)

Then, the day after the retreat, my dad and sister helped me to move an unreasonable amount of stuff to college. Ewersbach is in the middle of nowhere in Hessen, a 2-3h-drive away from my parent’s house. Interestingly I only had a small cars-worth of stuff for my dorm room, but dad was driving a whole sprinter-full of art-supply-stuff… 30% dorm room, 70% art room!
When we got there some students volunteered to help, and this made the process much faster. The dorm room is not very big, but it’s got everything you would need. And the art room is better than I expected. It’s in the basement, but the lighting is pretty good and the space has potential :)

Yesterday I took a trip to a nearby charming village.
Today I finished unpacking my stuff and made some improved covers for my folders.
And tomorrow is my first day of school. I am excited!

Possibly my last “real life”-Illustration!

This is a picture of an illustration I got done yesterday. I had it hanging on my drawing board for almost 2 months, but yesterday I decided to force myself to finish it. It’s part of my book “When you get Yourself a Dinosaur” and is done as a paper collage with acrylics, markers and chalk. I will be taking good-quality photos of all my art soon, but for now this is the image that I’ve got.

“And don’t even think about using a ladder to get your kite out of the tree. When my kite gets stuck, I have Zeep get it for me.”

This will probably be the last illustration that I actually do with “real” materials: I want to get a big graphic tablet (a “Wacom Cinitq 24HD Touch” to be exact) and start doing illustrations digitally. The reason is that real collages take too much time and effort to do on a commercial scale, even if you are making big images. By contrast, you can make digital images “look real”,  and this is much easier to work with: Faster, more flexible (you can make changes) and easy to distribute (printing, publishers, social media…).

So apart from occasional postcards or stuff like that, this is it. I will be putting my paper and the art supplies in storage. My room will be slighty less cluttered and I won’t need as much space for paper in the trash can. But learning to copy this look in Photoshop will be a challenge and there’s just something about holding the paper in your hand that I will miss. I’m not longing for the “good old days” or anything, I am grateful for the advancement in technology. I just appreciate the qualities of “real” materials. There is good and bad things about both working methods, I guess I’m just going from one good thing to the next. So good-bye “reality”, hello “digital world”.