A Christmas Market Fundraiser!

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon creating a collage sign. Today, that sign was out on the annual Christmas market down in the village: I, and a few other students set up a booth there, so we could get in touch witht the locals a little. We sold cotton candy, handmade soap, and handmade paper-beed necklaces. … Continue reading A Christmas Market Fundraiser!

Illustration Progress!

I am working on a project about a girl in Vietnam. She's the girl in the green shirt, and the current illustration shows her family pictures. I am simultaneously trying to finish up the illustrations for my story "When you get Yourself a Dinosaur". My goal is to finish them by April 10th, because there … Continue reading Illustration Progress!

Moving to Ewersbach!

To summon up last week: I was in Bavaria for 5 days on a retreat (Monday-Friday), and moved to Ewersbach in Hessen on Saturday. The reasons for this are that I am now a theology student, and the school is in the little town of Ewersbach. The retreat was a "beginning-of-the-year-retreat" for the students. The … Continue reading Moving to Ewersbach!

Possibly my last “real life”-Illustration!

This is a picture of an illustration I got done yesterday. I had it hanging on my drawing board for almost 2 months, but yesterday I decided to force myself to finish it. It's part of my book "When you get Yourself a Dinosaur" and is done as a paper collage with acrylics, markers and chalk. … Continue reading Possibly my last “real life”-Illustration!