Christmas Gifts? Here are 7 Ideas!

In case you are drawing a blank on gift ideas for Christmas, here are some suggestions:

  1. Make a Card: You can use any material, like old magazines, colored paper, felt or candy wrappers. Just choose a simple design or think of your own. Here are some examples I did, but it can be much simpler as well, more is often less!
  2. Cook a good meal
  3. Write a Poem/Song: Find out what the gift recipient likes and have a go!
  4. Help out around the House: Actions speak louder than words, as they say. Do something you might not normally do and do it with a good attitude.
  5. Buy a cool Christmas Ornament: You know what he/she likes, get a fun ornament to go with it. Do they like Star Wars, Gardening, the color Orange? Find out!
  6. Make a Mosaic Number Tile: This one is really simple and also adds a fun DIY-touch to someone’s front door. Here’s how you do it!
  7. My CD “Crossroads”: You can also give your friends/loved ones a CD with 5 cool songs :) The “real CDs” cost 6,50Euros a piece and 18Euros for 3 CDs. Just write me an email at or download the songs on Itunes and Amazon




Travel-Log Day 40-59: Final Laps and Fun!

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As in the previous weeks I’ve been keeping busy. I could get to know my interns better than before, realizing what treasures they really are. They are not perfect and have their battles, but they are great people. I can see what I need to learn just by seeing other people. They are like a mirror or my own issues. I learned, for example, that you need to be really careful what you say as a leader, how to chose your words and use them to encourage rather than put down. I also learned that I miss out on making friends because I feel like I’d be “bothering” the other person if I try to be friends. This seems to be rooted in fear and a false self-image. Because I realized that this is an issue, I started to change my attitude. I decided to “make the first move”, to take initiative more and not think that people will be annoyed by me. Because the truth is, I’m a great person, and so is the person I might miss.

On thursday was the celebration dinner, where people contributed to the buffet and to the program. I met a woman from Rwanda and was so excited, because I have a sponsor child in Rwanda. I got to play 2 of my songs and share a testimony. Other people got creative too, it was great!

And yesterday was the last day of the internship. We had an amazing 6 weeks and none of us wanted to leave. But we brought the time to closure and said good-bye to each other. I will see some of the people again before I leave, others I won’t but it was a priviledge to be part of this time and to meet these people.

“Bird’s Eye View”-Recording from Salamis Ampitheater

Here’s my song “Bird’s Eye View”. I apologize for the bad sound quality, I will try to edit it when I have the time. Since I was at the top of the ampitheater, it was quite windy. The lyrics are below, and also below the youtube-video. This song is not on my CD, but I did record a CD with 5 of my best songs. So if you haven’t seen that yet, go check it out on iTunes and Amazon, or write me an email to get “real CDs”




Bird’s Eye View

Ooh ooh ooh…

Why yes, the cornfields are a place
To get lost
I guess it’s hard to navigate
If you just

Can’t see
beyond the bend
beyond the corner
or to whatever
you call the end
of this overgrown path

I look to you
I look to you
I look to you
For the bird’s eye view


I would be terrified
But you are right there by my side
So eventhough I



Yeah, yeah, yeah
You show me the way
You know where you’re going
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Got the wind in your wings
You know where it’s blowing



Written in 2015

Q and A – Session about my CD!

Some people have been asking me about my CD, so here are my answers to the top questions!

If you want to get the songs online, you can get them here:


If you want “real CDs” or have other questions or comments, send me a message at


I’ve already gotten some really good feedback, comments and questions about my new CD. If you want to add your two cents or order a “real CD”, let me know! I’ll make a short Q&A-Video soon, and I’m burning the CDs today! I even got to borrow a CD-burner from my church. You can burn up to 5 CDs at once! :)


“Crossroads” is out!


Big news! My CD “Crossroads” is finally available on the Internet (Search words: “Nicole Heymann Crossroads”)! You can get the songs at places like iTunes, Amazon-Music, and so on. Here are the according links:



You can also get “real CDs” for 6,50 Euros a piece. Those who pre-ordered the CDs will naturally get them first!

Take a listen at the song “Popcorn” here:

The Conference done, the CD is done!

I just got back from the SfC-Connect Conference in Hohengrete, Germany. One week of great teaching, workshops, friends and a bit of a time-travel to the 70s (the retreat center looks like a 1970s-movie set, even the brochures fit the time period!)

And I got the final versions of my recorded songs back from my producer Daniel Jakobi​! So exciting! In a few days they’ll be available in “CD-Form” as well as Itunes, Spotify and other digital music platforms!

Here’s the final version of my song “Popcorn”. Feel free to tell your friends and other people about it, that means a lot!

Send me your Questions for a Q&A-Session about my CD!


I’m going to release my CD “Crossroads” soon (in form of “real” CDs and iTunes,Amazon Music, etc.)

Most of the work is done, so now I’d like to hear your questions: What do you want to know?
Any questions related to art, music, the creative process and inspiration or even just life will be accepted.

The most creative and interesting questions will be brought together in a special Q&A-video. Thanks already for all your support, it really means a lot to me!

Send me your questions on facebook ( or to my email (

Final Vocal Recordings for my CD!

mikro2 (626x800) cd-cover-double2-2-small






Today we did the final leap of vocal recordings! This project is getting more and more finished! Listen to the song “Crossroads” in the video below. If you want to pre-order a CD, just let me know via email or facebook!

My upcoming CD: Pre-Orders Open!


My first CD is coming out really soon! Pre-Orders will be taken from now on, just let me know via email or facebook how many CDs you want! The CDs are going to cost 6,50Euros each (7Dollars), plus shipping costs.

Get a taste of the music here: