First Author Contract!

I've written on several occasions before. Family parties, school dedications, friend's birthdays or just for my own enjoyment. But so far, I haven't been officially published beyond those kinds of settings. Well, that just changed: I got to sign my first contract with a small publisher in Germany (SCM Verlag)!…

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Progress on Illustrations!

I haven't posted about the illustrations for a while, but I have silently been working on those. And now, there's something worth showing for it. The commission is for 70h of work. I have about 20h to go. Ruth and Boaz (edited)Family TreeJob and his FriendsGod's Voice in the StormJob…


Progress on the Illustrations!

My commission is coming along. I fixed some issues with the first illustrations and added new ones. The illustrations are like title cards for groups of chapters. This completes the cycle for the book of Genesis (The first book of the Bible). 1- Creation2- Paradise and Fall of Man3- Family…

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