It’s more fun to share!

I have been working on my books. Experimenting with colored pencils and different collage styles. Feeling encouraged one moment, then feeling incompetent the next. Because I can see my progress, but also just how much I still can't do. It can discourage you. It discouraged me. But then, after a…


My Creative Weekend!

Painting I got a commission to paint some sceneries for a kid's play. I got grey paper on a long roll. Next, I needed a place to hang it while painting. I ended up unscrewing the handles of my bedroom closet and using the doors as the paint surface. It worked…


Travel Log Uganda, Day 11-13: A Summary

We continued work on the pallet furniture and got it done. The varnish made the colors pop and gave the wood a protective coat. I hope this furniture doesn't get attacked by termites (some of the unused pallets were already attracting them). We started building a chicken coop and mostly…

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