Growing Season!

I started my new semester with some really inspiring classes and interesting topics. Opens up the mind.

Growing Season.

I’d sown out some tomato seeds on my window sill in mid-march. Now, there are about 30 little plants in my room, waiting to be transplanted.

Growing Season.

I get to display 8 of my paintings at my school. It took me a whole day to hang the pictures, but it was worth the trouble. Now, I can think of new paintings.

Growing Season.

Right now, I am surrounded by creativity and inspiration. And I’m taking it in. In some ways it’s a comparatively easy choice to do so right now. But it’s a choice nonetheless. You often think that the “hard times” are when you grow the least. But it’s the “easy times” I try to keep an eye on, because you can get lazy when everything seems “ok”.
I’m not wishing for trouble or anything, I just don’t want to lose my focus, now that things are “easy”. I’m grateful for these times and want to make the most of the opportunities.

So in that sense, I hope you can grow, too. Wherever you’re at right now. Have a great day!

Painting at a Church Service!


Yesterday night (Saturday) there was a church service at our school. I was allowed to paint during the service, as an expession of prayer. When I sit down to paint like that, I never know what will come out of it. But I believe that God can speak to us through images and many other things, and that whatever he shows me is what I can paint. (This is the process for painting in prayer, when I paint other things I go about it differently).

So I sat down, and I got a picture. It was a picture of a half-open door, standing in a dark grassland, with light coming from it. It could mean an invitation to God’s opportunities in a situation where you think there’s only darkness. But I think the picture can speak for itself, even if it means something different to someone else.

Either way, I enjoyed the evening, and several people were happy about the picture. I talked to several people and those conversations were all good. But I especially enjoyed talking to this one girl, who was an art student from Gießen. More artists, more creativity for everyone! That made me smile :)

A “Kunsthalle” Art Show!

I got to participate in an art show at the “Kunsthalle”, one of the major museums of Karlsruhe. They have a range of summer events to promote the museum, and this art show was one of those events. It was under the motto “Montmartre-Art Market” (named after the artist’s area in Paris). I ended up showing “9th Street”, my Mandrill-mask and my Portfolio and Postcards. I also took the time to sketch some of the people who were walking by. And there were quite a few people to choose from!

All in all, I had a good time. There were some interesting people, fascinating conversations and astounding shifts in the weather throughout the day (we went from full sun to rain and back several times within 8 hours)


The Grand Opening!

Today we opened the art exhibit at the art academy in Karlsruhe. I served hotdogs and watermelon outside my exhibit room and had my portfolio and postcards there. My mom and dad and a friend helped with the food and the setup.

The opening was at 7PM, but people didn’t really show up until 7.30 or later. But when people did come, the hotdogs were the hit!

Meanwhile I talked to some people, answered a few questions and spent time with some friends. In short, it was a great evening!



Updates on the Setup!

I’ve been spending the last few days with setting up the room for the art show. It’s still not 100% done but it’s getting there!

I especially like my Twinkie-Tire-sculpture and the restaurant painting (9th Street (2) )

It’s fun to see things come together after you put all the work into it. I hope whatever you are working on suceeds :) Have a great day!

The opening of the show is on Thursday, July 7th at 7PM at the art academy in Karlsruhe (Reinhold-Frank-Str 81, 76133 Karlsruhe). The show is there until July 9th at 9PM. Come check it out! :)

Updates on Art!

We had a Mexican exchange student in our class for this past semester. Part of the requirements for her was to host an exhibit of her work. She had her exhibit on tuesday evening and did well. She had previously been criticized by our professor for having little work and for the work being too illustrative, but it seems that she could turn it around for herself. She thinks a lot about the forest and the mythical connections to it, based on ancient Mexican mythology. She has become a friend of mine and if I ever go to Mexico City, I know who to call :)

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My paintings are still all pink and strong contrasting colors. But I’m happy with them, it’s a good foundation. I was surprised by how much paint I needed, especially for “Devil’s Canyon”, just to cover the canvas with a thin coat of pink. I might need to get new paint after this one…

Next Week: Summer Exhibit at the Art Academy!

It’s the end of the school year, which means that we’re getting ready for the summer exhibit!
Today we emptied out our studios to make room for the exhibit. And on Monday we determine which art to put into the show. Then, next Wednesday, the show opens and is there until Sunday! I chose 4 paintings as potential entries: “Two Fishing Boats”, Texel Noon”, House at the End of the Road” and “Coast Guard Tower after Sunset”.

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The exhibit is free and open all day from Wed-Sun. If you’re in the area, feel free to check it out! My studio is on the 2nd floor on the back side of the main academy building (not the sculpture garden or the U-shaped building). It’s the first exhibition room as you come up the stairs. There will be postcards of my painting “The Fish Hatchery” laying out to take away.

.art-painting-hatcheryhouse (531x800) (355x450)