First Author Contract!

I've written on several occasions before. Family parties, school dedications, friend's birthdays or just for my own enjoyment. But so far, I haven't been officially published beyond those kinds of settings. Well, that just changed: I got to sign my first contract with a small publisher in Germany (SCM Verlag)!…

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7 Days!

School's out. I scrubbed and cleaned the apartment. Goodbye until August or September! I have 7 more days before I get on a plane and got to Seattle for a 6-month-internship. I am spending those days with my family. Excitement growing! :D To do before the flight: pack chocolate and…


20 Days

That's my countdown status, right now: I will be going to Seattle for a 6-month internship at a church. 20 days, and I'll be on a plane. As this is a significant change, the time around it is a time of transition: I am super excited to go. I'm part…

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