Work in Progress: A new Painting!

After putting together a new canvas and priming it with a good layer of white and light brown, I could start sketching in the basic shapes of the composition. It’s moments like these that you realize that scale can really make a difference: It was easier for me to draw the paper sketch than to draw the shapes on a large canvas. It was particulary hard to get the proportions of the little girl right, and even now, I might redo them.

Sketches are like foundations: nobody sees them, but if you get them wrong, the whole thing is wrong. In a way, I guess that life is also like that. So don’t mess with those foundations, get them right. Be it practicing your skills or treating the staff at a grocery store with respect: They may be in the background, but their success is also your success, and also mine.

IMG_1295 (768x1024)

Make the First Move!

IMG_1284 (768x1024)

I finally have started working on a new oil painting. I primed the canvas, and I made the first “real” sketch (picture above). It’s been something that I wanted to do for a while, yet I never actually started until now.

Why is that important? Because having an idea is not the same as actually doing something about it.
“That idea” can be brilliant in your mind. And sometimes it seems scary to try making it, because you could notice it’s flaws.
But until you actually put that first line on the canvas, your idea won’t become a reality.
And yes, the world is busy, and in better circumstances, you might create something better. But if you wait on the world to change, your idea will remain just that: an idea.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a busy person with a tight schedule, and I also put things off. But every once in a while, I need to remind myself that I can make the most of the time I’ve got. Limitations and all.
None of us are super-human, but we can achieve a lot within the boundaries of our lives. Whatever it is for you, if you’ve been putting off “that idea”, don’t keep waiting for the perfect timing or the perfect inspiration. Make the first move!

Illustrations Sketches!

I have a commission for a set of creation-themed illustrations. Since I have a rough idea what the layout and style will be, I have started doing some more detailed study sketches of animals. After all, what creation is complete without animals?
(Sorry for the poor image quality, the lighting was not that great when I took the photos)

Three unexpected Things

Yesterday, I stayed home from school, because I was sick.

But you never know what will come your way, even on a sick day. Yesterday, I experienced three unexpected things:

  • When I went shopping, I had to shovel my car out of 30cm of fresh snow. It was cold, wet and windy. But successful. I drove down the mountain and got some groceries. But on my way back, the snow had turned to slush, and I couldn’t get up the last hill. But then, a snow plow cleared the way, just for me. :)
  • I discovered that egg whites are slightly alkaline: I first fried some red cabbage and then fried the eggs. The leftover juice from the cabbage turned green-blue. So I had a red, green, yellow and white dinner. Unexpected, but colorful!
  • For the first time in a while, I wrote a song. It’s a simple call-and response song that can be sung by a choir. But it was fun to do.

So I was sick. But also had some fun.
What kind of unexpected things do you experience? Leave a comment if you like, and have a great day.


Starting 2018 with… Creation!

Happy belated New Year everyone! I don’t know if new year’s resolutions are a thing for you, but if you haven’t broken your resolution yet, congratulations! :)

I don’t do resolutions, but I do set goals. And one of those goals is to complete new art work that serves a good purpose. Despite my health issues and other things, this is something I am working towards.

In this sense, things are off to a good start, because I got an illustration comission from one of my professors! He needs 6 illustrations of the bible’s creation story for his lectures. A classic theme, a good cause, so I gladly took the job.

These are the rough sketches for three of the days. The other three days are basically the same pictures without the pink objects/animals, hence the pink-grey color in the sketch. (This is due to the parallel literary structure of the biblical text, not because I’m trying to be lazy). The actual illustrations will be done as combo of digital painting and collage. Hopefully, they will be done by April!