Work in Progress: Your Friend, the Giraffe

I started making a new animal mask two weeks ago. But I didn't just want to make any mask, this time. I was going to make a giraffe, and I was going to make it as a tall helmet. I started with the bare helmet part that would sit directly on top of your head. … Continue reading Work in Progress: Your Friend, the Giraffe

A very SCHÖN Week!

I was at a big art conference in Augsburg from thursday to saturday. The title of the conference was "SCHÖN", which means "beautiful" in German. Put on by the house of prayer in Augsburg, the focus was art and it's relevance in faith and in society. Exciting topics! Now, I'm back in Ewersbach, getting ready … Continue reading A very SCHÖN Week!

Creation Cycle Complete!

It took 2 months, about 100 hours and some persistent research, but it was all worth it: My commission for 6 creation-themed illustrations is now complete! Interpret the creation of the world: check :)

Work in Progress… Painting!

I got to work on my current oil painting project. Three hours later, you can see some progress :)  

An Unexpected Journey!

The plan for this weekend was: Drive to an art meeting in Darmstadt, drive to my parents, see the new Star Wars movie, drive back to school. But as they say: If you want to make God laugh, tell him what you've planned! First of all, the driving part wouldn't work: I had to take … Continue reading An Unexpected Journey!

A Sketching Tour

The dorm is pretty much a ghost town this weekend because people are at a conference or with their friends/family for Pentecost. I had too much work to do, so I had to stay behind, but I'm making the most of it. I actually needed some time to just be alone, and also time to … Continue reading A Sketching Tour

Dollar Store Giraffe Puppet!

  My friend is having her baby schower next week, and I decided to make her a gift. I don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl, so I wanted something that would work for both. I also wanted to use simple materials and to make something that would "out-last" the baby phase. … Continue reading Dollar Store Giraffe Puppet!

Illustrations, Part 2/3

I have a commission for 6 illustrations about the creation story of the bible. I've finished 2/3 of the project, so I have 2 more to go.

Workshop Weekend!

I got to teach an art workshop on Saturday. We were 14 participants and had a great day. It was cool to teach, but also cool to see what kind of ideas the "students" could contribute. We had a good atmosphere and I got lots of positive feedback. So I'm not gonna brag, but it … Continue reading Workshop Weekend!

Training Time!

Coming Up: I will get to teach an art workshop on Saturday! There are 14 people signed up, and the topic is "creativity in the church": We will learn that everybody is creative in some way because we are made in the image of a creative God. Creativity is applicable to any area and has … Continue reading Training Time!


I am working on creation illustrations for a commission. To prepare for it, I've been doing sketches of all sorts of things, even if they aren't "natural" objects. Also, I have finished one of the actual illustrations.

Fish, Fish Drawings, and other Stuff

I was in Belgium with my class for a few days. Nothing huge, but a great little vacation. And while I was there, I took the time to do some sketches. Since I'm working on illustrations that involve animals, I took a trip to a local sweet water aquarium. I did live studies of the … Continue reading Fish, Fish Drawings, and other Stuff

Work in Progress: Base Colors

I did some more work on my painting, putting down the base colors. As you can see, there are some strong contrasts in this picture. For the most part, those will remain strong in the finished piece. I like the thin strip of light in the back of the shack. Like a slimmer of hope … Continue reading Work in Progress: Base Colors

Look at the Birds…

I found a stash of old cardboard in the basement the other day. I will be painting 6 illustrations of a creation cycle, so I figured that I could use the cardboard as a sketch base. I drew a bunch of fish, portraits and flying birds of different kinds. I am also currently writing a … Continue reading Look at the Birds…

Work in Progress: A new Painting!

After putting together a new canvas and priming it with a good layer of white and light brown, I could start sketching in the basic shapes of the composition. It's moments like these that you realize that scale can really make a difference: It was easier for me to draw the paper sketch than to … Continue reading Work in Progress: A new Painting!