Summer News!

The Summer Exhibit is over, the rooms are mostly back to normal, and I officially am done with my formal art education. I got an A- (1,66 in German grades) on my diploma and could just rest on that... But that's not happening, here's what will really happen: I will take a 2-week vacation with … Continue reading Summer News!

Some Summer Comissions!

  It's summer and so I have time for other projects, including comission jobs. So if you e.g. want a cabinet painted/refinished, a painting, a sculpture, a poem, or something else, you can let me know! I'd be glad to make something for you. Above are some examples of comission-work/ stuff I could do as … Continue reading Some Summer Comissions!

The Grand Opening!

Today we opened the art exhibit at the art academy in Karlsruhe. I served hotdogs and watermelon outside my exhibit room and had my portfolio and postcards there. My mom and dad and a friend helped with the food and the setup. The opening was at 7PM, but people didn't really show up until 7.30 … Continue reading The Grand Opening!

5 Professors and an Alien!

Today was my practical diploma exam. I presented 5 paintings and my sculpture "Greedo". There were 5 professors and the exam was about 15 minutes. I was asked about my process and about other (sometimes obscure) stuff: They asked e.g. why I did the American theme and I told them that I was from the … Continue reading 5 Professors and an Alien!

…where Artist’s get their Inspiration!

When people ask me where I get my inspiration for artwork or songs, I usually answer with something generic like "I get inspired from everything around me" or "by what I think about or go through". While these statements are all true, they might sound hollowed out. That is, until the "stuff I go through" … Continue reading …where Artist’s get their Inspiration!

Work in Progress: Going deeper

Slowly but surely "Shadow under a Bridge" is coming together. I was encouraged by my professor to try new techniques and that's what I've been doing. Today I was looking at the picture and decided that it needed more depth. So the hills got a layer of pale blue on top while the mid-ground got … Continue reading Work in Progress: Going deeper

  This is what my painting "Shadow under a Bridge" looks like so far. I am trying a "new" technique with this picture, and so far I'm quite happy with it: a base coat in the opposite color you want it to be later. So if my sky is supposed to be white, I start … Continue reading

Christmas Gifts? Here are 7 Ideas!

In case you are drawing a blank on gift ideas for Christmas, here are some suggestions: Make a Card: You can use any material, like old magazines, colored paper, felt or candy wrappers. Just choose a simple design or think of your own. Here are some examples I did, but it can be much simpler … Continue reading Christmas Gifts? Here are 7 Ideas!

Work in Progress!

I said that I was working on a new canvas frame. Well now the frame is done and I've started sketching the picture ("Shadow under a Bridge") out. This is what a painting looks like when you start...

A new Picture!

I've been building a canvas frame this weekend, getting it ready for the next painting. It will be based on this photo from Holland this year.

A Portrait of Sarah

I started working on this painting in August, and after being in Cyprus for 7 weeks, went back to finish it. I think it's pretty much finished, I might put more detail in the face and hair if I can manage that (fine-motor-skills are not one of my strenghts)   As in other paintings, I … Continue reading A Portrait of Sarah

…Back to Work!

I was in Cyprus for 7 weeks, that was amazing. But now I'm back in Germany. Back to normal, back to work! I went ahead to work further on my painting "Portrait of Sarah" and became aware of something: I hadn't seen the picture for 7 weeks, and last time I worked on it, I … Continue reading …Back to Work!

Travel-Log Day 50-52: The End of a Great Time

I went to visit the Zykos-Family on Saturday. They consist of Aris and Heather, their 8 kids, their dog Mina and plenty of birds (chickens, doves, pidgeons). It's a simple home, but the love and joy makes it a great place to be. We had some meatloaf, peas and carrots and baked potatoes for lunch. … Continue reading Travel-Log Day 50-52: The End of a Great Time

Travel-Log Day 40-59: Final Laps and Fun!

As in the previous weeks I've been keeping busy. I could get to know my interns better than before, realizing what treasures they really are. They are not perfect and have their battles, but they are great people. I can see what I need to learn just by seeing other people. They are like a … Continue reading Travel-Log Day 40-59: Final Laps and Fun!

Travel-Log Day 37-39: Something Serious and Something Fun

We have a less packed schedule this week, but this doesn't mean we are doing nothing. Yesterday we learned a lot about the topic of human trafficking and modern-day slavery, as this is one of the outreach focuses of the House of Prayer (HOP) here. The HOP networks with, help equip and prays for ministries … Continue reading Travel-Log Day 37-39: Something Serious and Something Fun