Strange Beauty

Today i was working in the garden with my mom. She saw a lizzard whose stomach was open, some of the organs had been eaten. I picked it up by the tail and it turns out the poor creature was still alive. It was moving and fighting, but there was no chance of survival for it. So I killed it to quickly end its misery.

My mom was disgusted but also surprised I didn’t take a picture of the lizzard before throwing it away. I am an artist, so the thought of an animal study was interesting. After all, many of the great renaissance artists disected people and plants and animals to study them. But I didn’t take the picture then.

Later I found the lizzard and took a picture after all, it was just too tempting. Within those few hours the remaining organs had been eaten and only an empty void was left in the stomach area. I was not at all disgusted by the sight, but fascinated instead. To think of the amazing complexity of a living organism, even as small as a lizzard, in a strange way, was beautiful. So now I have a photo for study reference.

So I guess the point of the story is: An artist is often not driven by the same motives as other people would be. Where one person would find disgust or dullness, an artist (or scientist) will often find something fascinating, sometimes even beautiful.

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