The Rustins are going to visit Grandma today, and little Kelly Rustin is excited! After all, Grandma makes the very best apple pie when they come to visit, and Kelly and her brother Tom always get to play in Grandma’s backyard.
Kelly wants to go right away, but Mom says she’s not ready. She makes Kelly take a shower, put on new clothes and brush her hair! Oh how Kelly hates to do all that stuff! Why do people need to clean up, anyway? Why can’t they just go to Grandma’s house now!

When I was younger I never liked to have my hair brushed or to get cleaned up. And my autistic sister has trouble to this day with having her head touched. Some kids just don’t have an easy time with it. This story shows the issue from the child’s point of view, with the frustration and also the pride and joy at the end of the “ordeal”.

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