She’s a little girl in her bed at night
There’s a thunderstorm outside
She’s a little scared but her daddy says
Honey, it’ll be all right

Pre-Chorus 1
Daddy holds her tight
In the dark night
He says

Little Darling, don’t you have no fear
Don’t you worry ’bout the storm
Don’t you worry ’bout the storm
Little Darling, don’t you see, I’m near
And that with me you are strong
With me you are strong
Don’t be afraid but see
You can trust me

Now she’s and adult and she battles things
Bigger than a thunderstorm
The weight is so great and she gets afraid
And she gets really worn

Pre-Chorus 2
But then she drops the fears
Cause God is near
He says


I can see the troubles in your mind
But I tell you now to leave your doubts behind
Cause I walk the roads before you
And lead you
And lead you
lead you through


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