I’m standing at a crossroad
One path parts into two
Two paths, two different goals
Which should I choose?

One path is wide like Broadway
A shiny open road
A lot of people walk it
Both young and old

Pre-Chorus 1
That road looks nice
But checking it twice
It ends up in a cul-de-sac
That other road
Looks quite narrow
With bumps and bends along it’s track

But that road’s destination
Is worth while for me
This road’s destination
Is called eternity
But it starts right here
It can start right now with
God who knows and sees the
he made for me

You know you really shouldn’t
Give in just like that
But what if no one’s watching
Or keeping track?

God’s way ain’t always easy
But he is on your side
So when things get real tough
Don’t run or hide

Pre-Chorus 2
God gives you strenghth
To run the full length
Of any challenge you will face
So keep your eyes
On that prize
And hold on to his promise, say:

(Chorus: This road’s destination…)

Bridge (2x)
It’s in good times
And in bad times
The cross is there for me
So in good times
And in bad times
I carry the cross on me

(Pre-Chorus 1)


I’m standing at a crossroad
My cross leads me to you

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